Model Name: Troein Ostreococcus clock 1-loop

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Clarified description of overexpression parameters.

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This is a model of the circadian clock of Ostreococcus tauri, with a single negative feedback loop between TOC1 and CCA1 (a.k.a. LHY), and multiple light inputs. It was used and described in Troein et al., Plant Journal (2011).

The model has been tested in Copasi, where it reproduces the behaviour of the original (which consisted of equations loaded from a text file by a more or less custom C++ program).

Contact/Model Admin Andrew Millar, University of Edinburgh,
Submitted By Carl Troein, Lund University,
Submission Date 2010-05-04 11:27:33.0
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Copasi model file used to create the SBML file
Model Files original file, simplified file (use simplified if your software cannot read the file, e.g. Sloppy Cell)
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1. Comment by amillar2 on 2013-02-27 12:34:55.0

Not formulated to easily allow addition of the ISSF to replace the present light function.