Model Name: T2011 Ostreococcus clock, acc immediate

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This is a version of the T2011.1.2 Ostreococcus tauri 1-loop clock model where the light accumulator (acc) has been eliminated by replacing it with immediate light input.

This model was used to generate Figure 2F in Dixon et al. New Phytologist (2014)

Contact/Model Admin Andrew Millar, University of Edinburgh,
Submitted By Carl Troein, Lund University,
Submission Date 2014-04-17 12:37:50.0
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Journal New Phytologist 
Title Light and circadian regulation of clock components aids flexible responses to environmental signals 
Year 2014 
Authors Laura E. Dixon, Sarah K. Hodge, Gerben van Ooijen, Carl Troein, Ozgur E. Akman, Andrew J. Millar